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  • Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines, Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaner
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Hot Plate Welding Machines

1. PLC HMI Controlled Machine.
2. Safety Screen for operator safety.
3. Digital Pressure controlled
4. Safety Interlock ( Pressure , Temperature)
• PLC and HMI Controlled Machine
• Safety Screen provided for operator Safety
• PID Temperature controller to maintain the correct temperature of the heating elements
• Pneumatically operated machine with Festo make Cylinder
• Replaceable Teflon sheets will be provided on top & bottom of the heater block to avoid
  sticking of the component to the heater
• Teflon Coating Hot Plates.
• Sturdy MS frame with powder coating.
• The cycle starts by pressing the 2 hand push buttons
• Logic controls will be through PLC ( Fuji Electric Make)
• MCB will be provided for input supply
• Acrylic sheet framework will provide for machine.
• Temperature Interlock and All possible Interlock will be provided to Machine.
• Electrical Input Voltage: 230VAC + 2V Single Phase
• Pneumatic: Air Supply: 4 to 6 CFM @ 3bar pressure.
• Timer and relay logic control operation
• Leak proof joining All machined parts in general will be Blackened/Nickel plated
• Fabricated parts will be powder coated as per your color scheme
• Relays will be provided for all output from PLC.
• All actuators & indicating lamp will be of TECHNIC / IDEC make
Hot Plate Welding Machine
Hot Plate Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Hot Plate Welding Machines
Ultrasonic Hot Plate Welding Machine

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